[axonframework] Tracking event processor via configuration API

Hi Fred (or Fredgate?),

Although I am not a 100% sure whether this is the issue, as snippets are sometimes hard to decipher/group together, I still have a suggestion for you.

It seems like you’re creating two EventHandlingConfigurations. One initially to set the readModelProcessor as a Tracking Event Processor with the MongoTokenStore, and one which registers your MyReadModelEventHandler as an Event Handler.

It is very likely the the latter call is overwriting your earlier call which set’s that processing group to a TrackingEventProcessor.

Other than that, the fact you’re registering both an ‘eventProcessingConfiguration’ and an ‘eventHandlingConfiguration’ might be an indication as well.

Nonetheless, what I’d suggest you try out is to do the following in the latter snippet of configuration:

MongoTokenStore tokenStore = new MongoTokenStore(mongoTemplate, new XStreamSerializer());
EventProcessingConfiguration eventProcessingConfiguration = new EventProcessingConfiguration()

.registerTokenStore(“readModelProcessor”, c -> tokenStore)

axonConfiguration = DefaultConfigurer.defaultConfiguration()


Please let me/us know whether this has resolved your issue Fred(gate).