[axonframework] Suppressed exceptions for saga

Hi Filip,

If you have created your own SagaConfiguration, you can leverage the SagaConfiguration#getSagaManager() function to get you the configured AnnotatedSagaManager.

The AnnotatedSagaManager is an implementation of the AbstractSagaManager, thus allowing you to call the AbstractSagaManager#setSuppressExceptions(boolean) method to adjust this default.

It is correct though that the Configuration should be initialized first, which corresponds to the Configuration#start() method being called.
When this happens depends on your configuration entirely.

If you are calling the start function yourself, you can move this SagaConfiguration#getSagaManager()#setSuppressExceptions(boolean) to right there after.
If your are using Spring, the location timing is a little harder.

However, I’d like you to suggest to upgrade to at least Axon 3.2.

The suppressExceptions boolean check was deprecated as off Axon 3.2 and replaced by being able to specify a ListenerInvocationErrorHandler.

Upgrading minor versions (thus from 3.1 to 3.2) shouldn’t contain any breaking changes. This means you should be able to move to 3.4.3, the latest Axon 3 release.

Ideally, you’d upgrade to 4.1, which we’ve released yesterday.
I can however guess that that’s a no go for you at the moment.

Regardless, I hope the above helps you out Filip!