AxonFramework native on MacOS M1

I just released v1.7.0 of my showcase-quarkus-eventsourcing. It now runs on GraalVM Community Edition 22.2.0 with Java 17.

This makes it possible to build a native image for MacOS M1🎉.

I’ve tried it out and it blew my mind: A native executable of about 85 MB containing the whole (ok a small) Quarkus + AxonFramework + UI application that starts in 0,064 seconds.


@JohT you are living in 2050 while us peasants are still in 2022 :scream:

0.064 seconds cold start is some feat!

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@vab2048 :grin:, just wiring up open source tools and frameworks. Credit goes to them including AxonFramework.