[AxonFramework] make axon-core OSGi compatible (#89)


in fact, there is much more optional stuff than you might expect. I think only the org.slf4j is mandatory, as I tend to do logging in several places.
The rest is optional. The xstream serializer is default, but definitely not mandatory. The same counts for the other dependencies. Too bad there no ‘recommended’ resolution :wink:

As discussed in another thread, it would be nice to have an axon-osgi (or similarly named) module. That module could, besides being completely OSGi compatible, also provide some useful custom building blocks, like a serializer (wrapper) that is aware of the class loading intricacies of OSGi.

If you’re able to contribute to that, it would be great! I suggest we set up a short (skype?) call to discuss the different aspects, if that’s ok with you.

Kind regards,

Allard Buijze