AxonDB Backup API Create Control DB operation creates Control DB backup zip in current working directory instead of the AxonDB data path


I noticed that the POST API call that creates the control DB backup generates the control DB backup zip in the current working directory, instead of the AxonDB data directory.

Since the GET call for backing up the closed segments return the paths of the closed segments within the AxonDB data directory, wouldn’t it make sense to have the POST API call generate a file somewhere in this directory as well? If you make this consistent, you don’t need writing permissions in the working directory and any script/container that can access the segments can also access the control db backup, simplifying a lot of automatic back up scripting.

It’s easy to work around this and is completely non-blocking for us, but I think it would make more sense like that.

Hi Roderick,

there is an issue on the backlog for this. We expect to solve this in the next release of AxonServer (which is the new name of our combined AxonHub + AxonDB product).

Kind regards,

Allard Buijze