axon with rabbitmq and spring: what is the eventprocessor name

I am using the distributing events scenario.

when in the documentation it says:

// in an @Configuration file:
public void configure(EventHandlingConfiguration ehConfig, SpringAmqpMessageSource myMessageSource) {
    ehConfig.registerSubscribingEventProcessor("myProcessor", c -> myMessageSource);
what is "myProcessor"? How do I link a concrete spring-bean (@Component) with my 
@EventHandler annotations to be used with SpringAMQP Messaging?

the “myProcessor” is the name given to the specific processor that should read from that source. You will also need to assign (some of) your event handler beans to that processor.

By default, each handler is assigned to a processor with the name of the handler’s package. Processors are automatically created as soon as a handler is assigned to it.

So if you have a class (with @EventHandler annotated methods) called com.mycompany.myapp.SomeHandler, it is assigned to a processor “com.mycompany.myapp”.
If you then
ehConfig.registerSubscribingProcessor(“com.mycompany.myapp”, c-> myMessageSource)
the handlers in that class with be triggered for events from the “myMessageSource”.

You can override how handlers are assigned to processors with the @ProcessingGroup, or by setting assignment ‘rules’ in the EventHandlingConfiguration.

Hope this helps.


Thanks, Allard!