Axon with Kafka

Dear All,

I have some hands on with Axon , MongoDB and RabbitMQ. But I am looking for examples which have integration with Kafka, and not RabbitMQ. Can anyone help me with this? Any help will be much appreciated.



I’m planing to implement Kafka eventstore. Kafka messaging is pretty straight forward, but Kafka 0.10 is not supporting Record Headers, so the message converter looks little wierd.

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Hi Mayuresh,

I need to do the same, did you find any example or were you able to achieve it? If so then could you guide me how to integrate Kafka instead of RabbitMQ?


Hi Marniko,

This example does not show how the binds EventHandler with the Kafka. Could you explain that bit?


Hi Malay

Sender is just the producer of an event. It publishes an event. The consumer application is the part where the EventHandler is used. Like you can see in the configuration there is a Trackingprocessor defined with Kafka as event source. The EventHandler will be invoked automatically by axon, because of:

  • the topic
  • Kafka event source
  • processinggroup

In my example the processinggroup matches the java package name. If this is not the case, then the annotation processinggroup is needed on the EventHandler and it must match the name defined as key of the processor in the configuration.

Actually Axon only supports trackingprocessor for Kafka which is absolutely fine.