Axon Synapse connect to Axon Server inside containers


I fail to find any docs on properties to set when starting Docker

Since I run axonserver inside a container too, the synapse container needs to be configured on where axon server is, localhost doesn’t work.

Hi Magnus,

I have a docker compose example here. Please let me now if you have further questions.

Nice :slight_smile: Up and running now.

I was looking for pricing, and afaik says that synapse is intended to be no additional cost?

I noticed GitHub - AxonIQ/axon-rust: Tools to use Axon Server with rust, by leveraging Synapse. and intend to try it out. The rust integration is supposed to be official soon I guess?

Nothing official yet, but it should be a minor burdon to publish the generated code. I’d rather wait untill we are at 1.0 of Synapse however.

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