Axon Spring Cloud Extension - Release 4.4

I would like to announce that last week Friday (the 15th of January, 2021) a new release of the Spring Cloud Extension has been created. The 4.4 release of this extension took a bit longer than for the others, simply because a pretty hefty overhaul was required.

Previous versions of the Spring Cloud Extension would either use a SpringCloudCommandRouter or the SpringCloudHttpBackupCommandRouter. This approach was however not flexible enough to allow changes in how for example to ignore faulty instances, how to retrieve routing information and how to enforce a nodes command routing capabilities. In short, all that is now taken care off by a so called CapabilityDiscoveryMode, which can be adjusted and is used by the SpringCloudCommandRouter.

Don’t worry though, although this was a pretty back change, everything is still backwards compatible. Moving from a 4.3.x (or lower) release to 4.4 should cause no pain at all.

As always, let us know what you think, and I hope all of you can benefit from this new release!

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