Axon Sever Deployment Using ECS

We have been trying to deploy Axon Server on ECS with EC2 launch type for some days now but keep getting stuck with a permission denied error when the container is about to add logs to controldb.
Anyone here have encountered such or any idea on how I can resolve this.
Thanks in anticipation

Hi @akinwumi_olafusi, and welcome to the forum!

Bummer to hear you’re having issues with running Axon Server!
Let’s see how we can help you further with this.

First and foremost, can you share how you’re trying to rung Axon Server?
Are you using the docker image, or have you downloaded the jar and are you starting that up?

Secondly, regardless of which approach you’ve taken, have you tried running Axon Server locally?
If so, does that succeed/fail? In the case of the latter, we likely are dealing with an ECS-specific predicament (and hence valuable info).