Axon server - what kind of machine do you use ?

Hi there,

I’m new to Axon Framework and have done a simple POC to get use to the framework, using the docker image for the server part in local.

I was thinking about what kind of machine profile would requires a cluster (let say 3 axon server machine) in production to run.

Is anybody using Axon server in production be kind to share this information with me ? :slight_smile:

Basically - per machine - if you can provide the following information:

  • CPU / Memory
  • Disk : which type of disk
  • An average of your traffic on the platform in terms of events / data

Many thanks for your insights !

Kind regards,


We are currently using axon server on Kubernetes.
Our client apps are on PCF. Axon server uses aNAS as the volume storage. Depending on your project needs , you may want to tweak cpu, memory and NAS disk space.

We are using 4 vcpu per pod and 16gb in memory. 128gb for NAS in lower environment.
I know I have requested more than needed.
But, we will fine tune it As per our performance tests.