Axon Server - Subscribing to events

Hello there!

I’d like to do the following:

I want a Microservice (Order Service) to publish events to Axon Server, and another Microservice (Customer Service) to subscribe to these events.

Do I still have to use an additional Message Broker like RabbitMQ to accomplish this, so that the Order Service writes an event to the AxonServer and simultaniously sends/publishes the same event to the Customer Service?

I’ve watched the following webinar where Axon Server is introduced for routing events to subscribers, but I couldn’t find any advice on how to implement said routing system explained in the webinar.

Nevermind, I figured it out. :slight_smile:

Great to hear you resolved the problem on your own @jotho!
However, I’d like to ask you to actually provide the answer to your own question too, if you don’t mind.

There might be other users which stumble upon your question as they are having a similar problem.
Seeing how you solved the problem at hand would thus help out others too.