Axon Server Standard Edition 4.5.11 on Kubernetes

Hi Team,

I’m in the process of setting up Axon Server SE on the Kubernetes Environment and have below concerns to get to know about the open source version. Pls help to share your expertise on this.

  1. If we are using axon server SE one replica in kubernetes what will be the TPS that it can handle?
  2. As the Standard Edition do not have the clustering option, is there any other way to use Axon SE as HA setup on top of kubernetes. I have tried out with multiple replicas but it is failing as one request passing and the other fails when executing CQRS flow.
  3. Will a single node replica will be an option for a production grade deployment if the requirement is less than the TPS that a single node is supported?
  4. How the licensing take place for the Axon EE?

The number of TPS that Axon Server SE can handle in Kubernetes depends, of course, on the resources allocated to the pod. A simple pod can already support thousands of TPS, adding more resources will increase the number of TPS. What is the number of transactions that you are looking for?

On the topic of clustering SE, this is not possible, this is one of the core features in Enterprise Edition.
You can run a single node in production, but this would become a single point of failure in the infrastructure. If high availability is a requirement this is not recommended.

For the licensing and subscription models for Axon EE check