Axon Server split/combine segments and rebalance auto-magically


I know there are manual approaches to modifying the number of segments for a given processor (, but I am wondering when this might be a feature of the server that it could happen automatically as new processing nodes go online or offline.


Hi Ben,

We have been discussing such an automatic scale up/down scenario for a given set of Tracking Event Processor when it comes to splitting and merging.
So yes, the value is there, I think the whole team agrees on that, we have however not yet settled on what/which scenarios we will provide.

That said, thanks for sharing this idea with us, as requests for features like this will bring it up in our minds as well.

Then again, I can not give you a time frame on this at the moment.

Hope that clarifies our stance on this Ben!


Steven van Beelen

Axon Framework Lead Developer

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