Axon Server SE “events” and "index" files


I use Axon Server SE 4.5.1 and try to reduce the size of the event files on my local computer (e.g. event.segment-size=10MB).
When starting the server, I get the following error:


Description: Failed to bind properties under ‘axoniq.axonserver.event.segment-size’ to long:
Property: axoniq.axonserver.event.segment-size
Value: 10MB
Origin: URL [file:config/] - 6:38
Reason: failed to convert java.lang.String to long

If I enter a purely numerical value (regardless of which one), the event file is only 1kb in size.

How can I reduce the size of the files?

Also, I can’t find an index file. In the documentation i find:
“For SE there are no logs, but for the rest the same choice exists
“To enable Axon Server to quickly find data in the older segments, they will have indexes and bloom filters. If, on startup, these additional files do not exist, they will be created, so if we want to copy the contents of the entire event store, the event and snapshot files are the most important. However, going over a few gigabytes or terabytes of data to recreate indices is a costly activity, so unless we expressly want them recreated, copying them along is best.

Who can help me?

Kind regards

Hi Michael,
The value for the segment-size is a number of bytes, it has to be a number. When you define the properties:
you will get event/snapshot files of 10m bytes. What did you define when the file was created with a size of 1kb?

Index and bloom files are created when a segment in the event store is full, when Axon Server starts to write in the second events file it creates the index and bloom file for the first segment.


Hi Marc,
Thank you very much, I have tested it and it works. I had tried something like 256, or 1000 so far. I didn’t expect it to be pure bytes.
Kind regards