Axon Server - Release 4.5

We have released Axon Server 4.5. Here are some of the new features included in Axon Server 4.5.

  • Plugin support

With plugins, you can add functionality inside Axon Server to work with messages. This allows you to change the content of messages on Axon Server side. Use cases for this include:

  • detailed access control on a message content level
  • server-side encryption of data
  • copy messages to external systems
  • server-side transformation of event payloads
  • Search snapshots

The dashboard already had an option to search for events. Now it is also possible to search for snapshots from the same window.

  • Backpressure support for reading aggregates

Axon Server now considers the processing velocity of clients reading large aggregates. This prevents Axon Server
from flooding the client with events, causing the client to run out of memory if an aggregate with tens of thousands of events would be read.

  • Grafana dashboard for Axon Server is available

A Grafana dashboard for Axon Server is available at: Axon Server Dashboard dashboard for Grafana | Grafana Labs

Axon Server Enterprise contains additional new features.


Before there was only one role that was able to view configuration data, such as defined users, applications, contexts, and replication groups. This role could also change the configuration. With the new VIEW_CONFIGURATION role, you can view the configuration data, but not change it.

  • External authentication

It is now possible to configure Axon Server to use Google Oauth for authentication of users. In the latest Axon Server version, you can also configure to use LDAP for authentication and authorization.

For more information on the changes in Axon Server, check the release notes at:

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