axon server Maximum gap between a aggregate's events ?

We are starting with axon server and converting our existing events (from oracle) to axon server. On an aggregate i get the error :

“[AXONIQ-2000] Invalid sequence number 44 for aggregate 100000704, expected 0”

Now, if i lookin axon server events 0 to 43 are just present. So why is it complaining about 44 ? The only thing i can see there is a large gap between event 43 (globalindex = 152500) and 44 (globalindex= 2209788 ), which is filled with events from other aggegrates.
Is there a maximum for such a ‘gap’ in an aggegrate ? Is axon server not looking back far enough ?

To clarify what i am doing :
i use a tracking event processor based on the jdbc oracle event bus, just copying the event message to the axon server event bus :

@EventHandler(payloadType = DossierEvent.class)
public void handle(EventMessage eventMessage) {

Ayone other ideas about doing this ?
Btw, i cannot find the axonserver-migration.jar anywhere … how is this tool doing this ?
Using axon server and framework 4.0.3

Fixed !!