axon server in cloud (pcf)

We are about to set up the axon server CE in our pivotal cloud foundry playground. Any experiences/advises?
Do we need to configure filestorage or is it possible to keep using a db?


Hi Jan,

AxonServer needs a file system to store its events. It depends on your PCF installation whether you have that available. PWS ( doesn’t have one, for example. If you (also) have PKS, then it’s fairly easy to install. Just define a stateful set for AxonServer’s pods, so that data is persisted.

Otherwise, you could install it “next to PCF”, and make it available as a User Provided Service, so that you can bind your applications to it. We’re working on a Service Broker to allow you to install Axon Server as a “proper” service.



Hello Allard,

I’m also interested in deploying AxonServer in PCF. It appears that AxonServer currently does not have a service broker for PCF, is this still being actively worked on? Is there any way to track the progress? Could I help with this?

Your solution to stand it up beside PCF and set up as a User Provided Service works… However, I am also considering how to provision a developer environment and that approach doesn’t scale very well.


Hi Wayne,

This part is still in a PoC phase from our stance.
I can assure you though that we’ll proceed work on this.

I am sure we’ll communicate about this further once we have a workable and clean solution, which I’d expect to happen in the upcoming months.
Hearing that you’re interested will make this initiative more important from AxonIQ’s perspective by the way, so thanks for sharing.


Steven van Beelen

Axon Framework Lead Developer