Axon Server Examples


I wonder if anyone is aware of an example of how to use Axon Server for reading/writing events and managing subscriptions (starting/stopping etc) without using the Axon Framework? I.e. an example that just uses it as an event store.


Not aware of an example, but could be nice to figure out the Axon Server API and write something against that. I do feel like it would only make sense combined with a non JVM language?

I think I’ve heard representatives from Axoniq saying (in blogs/talks) that you could use Axon Server as an event store by itself, but I could be mistaken. I’m experimenting with some stuff on my own and I’d like to integrate them with Axon Server if possible :slight_smile:

Hi @johanhaleby,

What I know and can share is that Axon Server API is actually open source!
You can have a look here: GitHub - AxonIQ/axon-server-api: Protobuf files describing the API of AxonServer

Having said that, I can also share some initiatives from the community to build connectors to Axon Server in different languages:

I think that can give you one idea of what can be build and how to do that!


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Thank you Lucas, very helpful! :pray:

let’s not forget the Java connector:

That connector is the “just java” way to interact with Axon Server. Obviously, you’d have to manage the serialization, transactions, etc, yourself.


Hi @johanhaleby,

Yes, a Java connector could be used for JVM projects.

One example of usage is Axon Framework itself AxonFramework/ at master · AxonFramework/AxonFramework · GitHub

I would focus on AxonServerEventStore.readEvents and AxonServerEventStore.publish API at first.


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There are also some examples of using the connector in the Connector project itself: