Axon Server "events" and "snapshot" files

My understanding is that when using Axon Server with the Axon Event Store, the data is stored in the following two files “” and “00000000000000000000.snapshots”. Is it correct?

The reason I am asking is that regardless of how many events I generate 0 or 20 the file size of the events file does not change. I have created a few snapshots and the file size of the .snapshots files did not change as well. The size of both files is always 268.4 MB regardless of the number of events I generate… Although if I remove the .events file, for example, the events do no longer in the events store.

Hi @interested-dev, that’s the default size of the event segment created by Axon Server. It will just ‘reserve’ 256mb on your system and start filling that up with events!
When that size is reached, another file will be created.

That default value can be changed with the event.segment-size properties.

I see… Thank you, Lucas!