axon-message-timestamp blank

Can someone help explain why axon-message-timestamp in the header of our kafka messages blank?
Our serialization is jackson for messages and xstream for the rest.

Hi Michael,

I am not sure anybody can help you, given the limited information you have shared in the above two sentences.
On top of that, as you are likely aware, the Axon Kafka Extension is not in a finalized state yet.
However I am pretty sure the timestamp is set, as a quick project search on the extension shows it being set on messages.
If your situation persists however, I suggest to put up an issue on the extension with a thorough description on your event dispatching and handling set up.


Steven van Beelen

Axon Framework Lead Developer

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Thank you. We noticed that older events were successfully writing them out while new ones were not.
We’ll dive into the code and try to get to the root cause and share our results.