Axon Kafka Extension 4.1.1 ?

I’m in the process of cutting a set of microservices to use Axon 4. I noticed a discrepancy between the versioning of the axon-mongo extension and the axon-kafka extension (4.1.1 vs 4.0.RC2)

The OCD corner of my brain craves alignment on the version numbers for what I perceive to be the same “cut” of artifacts. Is there any anticipated timeline for releasing a 4.1.1 cut of axon-kafka? Should I plan on using the release candidate instead until a 4.1.1 version is ready?



Hi Andy,

The extensions follow a different bugfix release cycle than the other modules. We will have the major and minor version numbers the same, for extensions that have a full release. So for Axon Framework 4.1.x, you should use extensions 4.1.y.

There are some open issues for the Kafka extension that will need fixing before we feel comfortable enough releasing it as a “full release”. Until then, you may use the RC version, as long as you’re aware of these limitations. And obviously, feel free to help us resolve them ;-).