axon helloworld tutorial needed

hi all;
I have coded with axon for two hours, but failed to run it. I don`t know where my config file is wrong and how to arrange my packages.
Can anybody give me a helloworld example using command and event.
thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Felix,

Have you tried the address book sample from here ?

There is also the AxonTrader example but that is a bit more involved.


Jason Fagan

Having a simple sample that is easy to get going right away with minimal stuff needed is crucial in order to give people an easy way to evaluate Axon.

The docs are nice, but I think a couple of complete hello world samples would be the icing, especially showcasing Axon usage with something like Guice instead of Spring.

2012/11/2 ahjohannessen <>

especially showcasing Axon usage with something like Guice instead of Spring

I personnaly think axon need a showcase in this way, to show that it can work properly without Spring.
I’m aware that on paper, it should but … Showcase erase doubts.
I use guice and have planned to make a axon-guice project but time … time …

A axon-guice-sample will be welcome … :slight_smile:

If only my OS would allow two windows to have focus that the same time, maybe I would be able to do two things at once. :-).

The comments about the lack of samples are noted. I’ll do my best to come up with some basic samples that showcase different features. I was thinking of simple runnable classes that show different configurations. That’s probably easier to understand than a large app (such as the axon trader) that shows all features combined. Of course, the trader will remain necessary to see a full running app.

Do you think that would be helpful?




In the coding area I am a newbie.What makes me feel frustrated is that I spent one or two hours in coding using a new framework but it can`t run ):

I even want to pay for a helloworld example sometime.


在 2012年11月3日星期六UTC+8下午8时58分24秒,Allard Buijze写道:

I took a look at the Axon framework last year.
I tried to get it running in a simple Tomcat environment, but I never felt to get a step further.
I was always stepping from problem to problem. There were to many things involved, as:

  • Axon framework itself,

  • Maven,

  • Spring and so on.

After a while I closed the Axon framework box with some frustration.
A few months later I discovered Thanks to the great examples/documentation and the simple programming model I was able to get it running in less than one day.
Since does not implement the CRQS pattern, I hope that with the version 2.x of the Axon framework, things will become easier or at least better documented for a new starter.

What I would really like to see is a very small example with nearly no dependencies (for example without Spring).
This example could consist of:

  1. a HTTP GET to handle a command that registers/stores the timestamp and the ip address of the request

  2. an event handler that appends the new timestamp and ip address to a hello-world.html

  3. an HTTP GET to request the hello-world.html

Does this make sense to you?
Would it be possible to have such an example up and running with Axon framework 2.x in a short time?
For your support many thanks in advance.


hi Raffaele;
thanks for your answer.
I can`t agree any more :slight_smile:

在 2012年11月5日星期一UTC+8下午5时43分17秒,zerouno62写道:

First of all thanks for the great framework.

Personally I would like to see how Axon can be used together with modern tools like or akka.
Or how it can be configured/adjusted to work with it.

The whole stack with Spring and Tomcat feels a bit heavy and doesn’t correspond much to the CQRS pattern.


Hi, I see the comparison between vert.x and axonframework. This is a nice but not easy comparison. The scope for the framework is different. To have a sample like with vert.x to create an http server is not suited for axon. Of course you can integrate the two frameworks. The axon trader sample also has a vert.x component. You can use vert.x and axon together. It would even be possible to create modules for accepting commands and sending events. I do not think that the scope for the vert.x event bus is the same as the axon event bus. Still you could create a module that receives the axon events and uses these events to push notifications to clients.

In short, I am thinking about better integration between axon and vert.x, but due to the nature of vert.x with all the class loading tricks it can be a challenge and it will definitely not be the easiest sample possible.

In the short future Allard and myself will think about the very basic examples to get a better idea about the required components.

regards Jettro

From a high level point of view I think it’s not necessary to wire the Axon framework with
Both system components can coexist and do what they best can.
While Axon provides the command/source/event handling functionality, can be used to implement the query level of the CQRS architecture.
The scalability is one strength of