Axon-Guice integration module is released

Hi all,

I have made integration module between Google Guice and Axon Framework. Here is full features list:

· Full support of 1-8 and 10 of original Axon Framework documentation parts;

· Ability to inject all major Axon Framework components: CommandBus, EventBus, CommandGateway, UnitOfWork, Repository;

· Option to perform components auto-discovery or specify all of them manually;

· Significant test coverage.

Axon-Guice provides you possibilities of the following injections:

· Injection of CommandBus, EventBus, CommandGateway, UnitOfWork, Repository;

· Injection into Aggregate Roots;

· Injection into methods marked with @CommandHandler?/@EventHandler?;

· Injection into Command/Event handlers;

· Injection into Sagas;

· Resource injection with JSR-250 annotations - @Resource.

Check it out :slight_smile:



Hi Aleksey,

at first glance, it looks nice. I am going to give it a thorough look soon.
I’ll add some references to it from the website and reference guide.