Axon Framework Support for MariaDB

Does Axon Framework support the latest version of MariaDB ? Is it tested completely with MariaDB ?


Hi Prasanna,

We do not test with any specific RDBMS implementation in mind, as that would be a massive undertaking to get in a fair state.
As such, we rather provide a couple of API’s where you should be able to plug your RDBMS of choice.

Thus, Axon Framework provides three mechanism for the Event Store, being JPA, JDBC and Mongo.

As MariaDB wouldn’t be my choice of Event Store (I’d suggest a dedicated solution like Axon Server), I had to Google a bit to find usages of MariaDB with JPA and/or JDBC.

  • MariaDB & JPA
  • MariaDB & JDBC
    Either of those links might be useful to you.
    Additionally, I am a 100% sure it is possible, as I know of a Axon Framework users which is utilizing MariaDB as the Event Store.
    They are looking into moving over to Axon Server though, so it might be worth your time investigating that possibility as well.

Hope this helps you out Prasanna!


Hi Steven,

Thanks for the response.

My question was not exactly related to using MariaDB with JPA, but more related to a specific error I was getting from Axon. I have given more details on the issue in this thread -!topic/axonframework/yfggm8r1-7o