Axon Framework - Release 4.5.10

I’m glad to announce that we’ve released Axon Framework 4.5.10 on Tuesday the 31st of May.
The release contains several fixes and a couple of minor enhancements.

Let’s iterate over a couple of noteworthy adjustments:

  • Axon’s test fixtures perform a “deep equals” operation, using reflection as they go. JDK17, rightfully so, does not allow that for all classes. To solve scenarios where users utilize objects from, for example, java.lang, we have introduced a distinct DeepEqualsMatcher in pull request #2210. This matcher implementation considers the situation that an InaccessibleObjectException might be thrown from Axon’s test fixtures, correctly dealing with the scenario by assuming the assertion failed.
  • Contributor fabio-couto noticed a predicament within the PooledStreamingEventProcessor (PSEP for short) when they were facing connectivity issues with their RDBMS. In the face of these issues, the PSEP coordinator is incapable of fetching events, resulting in canceled work packages. As part of canceling, the PSEP actively tries to release token claims, which is yet another database operation. This loop of several connectivity issues causes the PSEP to enter a state it could not recover from. Pull request #2225, provided by fabio-couto, solves this predicament.
  • A fix was introduced to the EventTypeUpcaster to solve issues further down the upcasting chain. Contributor dakr0013 noted that upcaster invoked after an EventTypeUpcaster failed because the expected intermediate event type was adjusted to Object. dakr0013 provided a pull request, which we made some adjustments in PR #2177 to accommodate additional scenarios.

You can check out the release notes when you’re looking for an exhaustive list of all the changes.