Axon Framework - Release 4.4.7

I would like to announce that Axon Framework release 4.4.7 has been released on the 10th of February 2021. Important to note, is that this version also includes the 4.4.7 release of the Axon Server Connector Java. For more specifics on the changes made there, you can check out its release notes here.

Here are a couple of the high lights which have been resolved:

  • Contributor “krosenvold” noticed that the SQL to retrieve a stream of events was performed twice in quick concession.
    The provided solution (in pull request #1689) would resolve this, but the problem was spotted to originate elsewhere.
    Commit 16b7152 saw an end to this occurrence by making a minor tweak in the EmbeddedEventStore.

  • As rightfully noticed by user “pepperbob”, there was a type discrepancy when reading events through a tracking token.
    An event would always become a DomainEventMessage when read through the EventStorageEngine, whereas it might originally have been a regular EventMessage.
    The problem has been fixed in commit c61a95b.
    Furthermore, the entire description of the issue can be found here.

  • Through the use of the AxonServerQueryBus, a cancelled subscription query was wrongfully completed normally where it should complete exceptionally.
    This problem is marked and resolved under pull request #1695.

For a detailed perspective on the release notes, please check this page.