Axon Framework IntelliJ plugin visualization

Are there any plans to have some kind of visualization for events/commands chains in Axon Framework IntelliJ plugin?

I was planning on creating something small for the project we currently work on, but then I thought I could instead contribute and do that as part of the plugin itself, if that may be a desired functionality.

I’m not sure though with whom I should talk about how it possibly should work/look like, so it may be approved later.

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Hello @rromanczuk, we would love to have such functionality plugin. Unfortunately, it’s all about time and priorities.
As the creator/maintainer of the plugin, I saw this chance as well and made a PoC on it last year. It visualized the flow using an eventmodeling diagram. The branch is public, and can be found here: GitHub - AxonFramework/IdeaPlugin at experimental/event-model-export

I simply don’t have enough time to continue it, or make a different version (displaying it in IDEA itself). However, I would welcome contributions highly, and can also offer some sessions of help while building it. Please contact me if you need, my email is on my profile.