Axon Framework IntelliJ plugin released!

We are happy to announce that we have released a plugin to support Axon Framework in Intellij. It will help you navigate between handlers and the places where its payload is created. Take a look at the following image.

The plugin also provides inspections for common errors made while using the framework. We also have more features on the roadmap. If you have a great idea for the plugin, let us know on GIthub!.

You can download the plugin on the marketplace or directly from within IntelliJ. Happy coding!


I’ve been playing around with the 4.6.0 snapshot builds as I’m looking at some of the features in the kafka plugin and have discovered that the plugin doesn’t appear to work with the 4.6.0 branches.

I had asked a question around the release date for 4.6.0 hoping it wasn’t too far off, so I’m following that up with a question wondering if the plugin will be updated in time for the 4.6.0 release? I was checking the currently active branches and I can see an update a few days ago for 4.5.11 but nothing for 4.6.o.

Thanks, Andy.