Axon Framework examples without Spring configuration or completely without Spring dependencies


I went through the documentation, presentations, reviews, and I’m very pleased with the current state of Axon Framework.
Now I’m trying to evaluate Axon Framework to retrofit it in our existing project and working towards POC.

My problem is that:

(A) I didn’t find working examples for Distributed Event Buses (ClusteringEventBus).
(B) And code snippets I find in docs dependent on Spring for configuration.

Specifically, I see dependency on some Spring-related classes in “6.4.1. Spring AMQP Terminal” reference section.
Even if I can depend on Spring, declarative XML configuration is like a new wall to hit until it works first time.

I’ll figure everything out one day, but I a push with right examples now would mean a lot for me at the moment.

  • Is there distributed event buses (precisely, AMQP Terminal) which do not depend on Spring?

  • Even if I can use Spring dependencies (like Spring AMQP Terminal), is thee examples to use explicit Java-only procedural initialization without Spring application context to see it in action for now?


OK, I actually overcome issues with configuration for AMQP.Spring has related simple quick start which shows both injection via XML config and pure Java:

I believe getting rid of Spring will be out of scope for me now (as it requires implementation of the EventBusTerminal without Spring AMQP modules).

Hi Alexey,

actually, for the Axon-AMQP module, Spring is mandatory, as it uses Spring’s AMQP MessageListenerContainer.



Hi Allard,

Thanks for the confirmation - it helps to cut some thoughts for now.

I was actually thinking to reimplement based on some other non-Spring dependencies. But I guess it is too much of a rabbit hole for me at the moment.

If I can use Spring components without conflicts and subtle bugs in our environment, I’ll stick with original Axon components as much as possible.