Axon Framework clients not able to handle events fast enough

Hi everyone!

We are currently facing a very strange issue. We are running an AxonServer instance and have 1…n clients connected to it that handle events. Our main issue is that we are unable to handle more then ~30 events / second. When we fire more events / second, those events are not lost, but they are filling some kind of queue and are being processed at the rate of ~ 30 events / second.

We already tried several thing we found here in the threads but none did give us any improvements :confused:

Neither AxonServer nor our clients are running at 100% CPU, they both use like ~30 %. Also memory is not maxed out…

If anyone could point me in the right direction on how or where to investigate, that would be awesome. I’d already provide some infos, but I’m not even sure on which infos are necessary for you to know in order to help us out. So please just let me know what I need to provide and I’ll happily do it :smiley: