Axon framework books or tutorials

Hi All,

I need any tutorials or books on Axon framework illustrated with samples code. the documentation is good on the site but I find it confusing without any samples. I need to find out how to use Axon in distributed environment. I know Axon provides Axon Distributed Command Bus and Clustering Event Bus but I need any code samples.


Hi Dena,

did you see the sample in ? It’s small, but that should work. JGroups comes with some sample XML configuration files in their jar file. tcp.xml, for example contains a basic configuration for TCP based discovery. mping.xml is configured to search for other nodes using multicast.

You can also have a look at the test cases in Axon Framework. They start JGroups instances as well. See JGroupsConnectorTest.

We’re working on the Axon Trader sample, which will at some stage also have a sample for the Distributed Command Bus.

Hope this helps.