Axon EventHandler not working on a different microservice

I was implementing event-driven CQRS concept using Axon framework. I created two separate microservices and their own two write and read databases.

I am publishing an event in ms-1 and now I want to handle that event in ms-2, so that I can persist it in my read DB. But the @EventHandler is not working in my ms-2. The events are published on the AxonServer, I can see the updates there.

And yes, I do have @Component on the EventHandler class in ms-2. Also, I am running AxonServer on docker.

The @EventHandler works fine when it is in the same microservice.

My axon-framework dependency is 4.5.8 and google guava’s is 30.1.1-jre

If I had to guess then I would say this is probably an issue with the tracking event processor.

Try to reset them or (as a last resort) delete the read DB and regenerate it (in particular: deleting the the token entries would trigger this).

A cool feature (which would help during development) would be to press a button to reset the tracking token to a specific index in the event stream but I don’t think that feature exists right now.