Axon Event Store Doubts.

Hi all, I am very new to axon and CQRS design pattern. I have some doubts in Axon Framework. Could anyone help me for understanding the following things.

  1. What is saga and how can we configure the same in Axon 3.
  2. What is the use of saga in real time application.
  3. I created an aggregate called “User”( commandhandler and eventSourcingHandler are also created). While creating a new new user, corresponding command and event handlers are working and saving data(Event) to mysql DB. My question is, “is there any use of saving the event name in DB that has been executed”.

Very thanks

Hi Prasanth,

if you want more about Sagas and their use, please try the reference guide:
The Saga part of the Reference Guide for Axon 3 is being written as we speak, and will become available on

About your third question, is this about the table that Axon maintains? If so, yes, there is a use. Axon needs to know what type to deserialize to. In many cases, serializers don’t store the class name as part of the serialized form. Furthermore, this allows Axon to find out if there is a handler for an Event, without deserializing it first, massively improving performance.



Hi Allard,

Very thanks for your reply. :slight_smile: