Axon - Easiest way to make projection at query time

I will usually have 5-6 events per aggregate and would like not to store projections in DB. What would be the easiest way always to make view projection at query time?

I think you can autowire the axon repository (like here, load the aggregate and map it to any dto you like.

But Aggregate don’t necessarily have all the data from events inside. Also - this would mean that I use Aggregate for view projection which I guess is not actually good thing to do?

Hey, you can read events for an aggregate directly from event store

W dniu poniedziałek, 27 maja 2019 16:27:42 UTC+2 użytkownik Bojan Vukasovic napisał:

You can also create an in-memory view and handle events there. I think I saw something like this in the gift card demo repository, they use weak reference cache there, take a look

It depends on your database, if you use the same database for both queries and writes with spring boot then you can use spring projections?