Axon Demo Application testing

Is there a demo application available on Axon Framework on which I could check and test the following capabilities of the CQRS/ES architecture pattern:

  1. Independent scaling of reads and writes. I would like to load test write and read side and scale them independently. This will be done to show that for asymmetric reads and writes load distribution, independent scaling of the reads and writes will be an optimization
  2. Travel back in history at any time to solve any issue
  3. An audit trail available for free
  4. Reconstruction of any service with events in case of failure
  5. Ease of adding any new service with the help of events

and other too if possible…

I would like to deploy such application so that it can be accessible from anywhere and I could present show the working to my team.

Hello and welcome @AmanLonare

I’m not sure what exactly you expect from such an application. “Scaling” is a too broad term, and “solve any issue” is … well … quite demanding :wink:

I think I sense what you are after and what your doubts are, but I can not be sure. If I’m right, I may have something that can help you start doing what you want.

Would you mind watching this recording: JFuture 2020: Milen Dyankov - Give your application memories - YouTube? You will see the demo I used for this talk (the link points to the time at which the demo starts). It uses Axon Server and a few independent apps. The code is not currently shared (I was hoping to improve it first), but if it is something you would benefit from, I can publish it on GitHub.


Thanks Milen

I loved the talk, especially the Memento reference :slight_smile:

I know I was too vague when I used “solve any issue”. By scaling I meant that independently increasing the instances of command and query, and then load test these instances. I would like to see the linear scalability of the commands and query side by mapping the response time or latency with the number of requests.

Now I have heard in lot of talks that CQRS+ES allows us to travel back in time and get any state and show it to our user, and in case of failure, we are able to add any new service with the help of events only, but I have not seen any demo of such benefits yet.

I am really interested in the demo you showed. If possible, please publish it on GitHub


Thanks for the nice words, Aman. I’m glad you liked the talk.
I just published the code here:

I hope it will help you with your evaluation. Please keep in mind it was designed to demonstrate a specific feature. It is not an extract of nor a recipe for a production-ready application.