Axon CommandHandlers in AggregateMember Not found

I’ve got a project where the JUnit tests fail for some commandhandlers.
I depends on the order in which the Aggregate is extended which commandHandlers are missed

Is there anybody who can take a look at this issue?

It seems like you ran into the same bug that was just turned into an issue. Do you think it’s the same problem?

I think so.
The only thing is I have exactly the same problem with integration testing with an axon test Container.

I’m not sure I understand the current problem. In the readme it says: “I have made some integration test with an Axon testcontainer and they al succeed. As it seems is it a JUnit test
problem, where the order of extending of aggregate classes is relevant for which CommandHandler is found.” So I assumed it does work fine in an integration test, and likely also in an application. But that is not the case?

I thought is was working in the integration test, but is isn’t.
Because I thought integration test worked correctly, but I did not touched the commandhandlers yet which aren’t found I only extracted the JUnit test in this project. But unfortunately the integration test also cannot find alll the commandhandlers.

Got same problem in integration tests as in the JUnit test with the fixture.

I wonder if there is any solution to this CommandHandler problem or is it a system feature?