Axon Based Auction based E-commerce System

Hi All,

Is there any product that is available related to auction based E-commerce System using Axon Framework ? It would be great help and deeply appreciate if you suggest some of links very similar to this…As of now we u looking into (where I am contributor too). But the cons are there , it’s not event based system. I have done some of POC on Axon it’s really awesome.


Hi Saranga,

This might not be overly helpful, but I wanted to provide some feedback regardless.
As it currently stands, I am not aware of any white-label software/framework to support auction based e-commerce systems, which uses Axon Framework under the covers.

Added, I think your question is rather specific too, with an intrinsically low chance of actually being out there.
Based on that assumption, I would firstly suggest to write your own auction based e-commerce system which uses Axon Framework, rather than looking for something else.
Added, as you are a contributed to Shopizer, why not opt to adjust that project to utilize Axon Framework yourself?

Nonetheless, I do hope for your sake that somebody knows of exactly such a system.

This is my two cents on the situation.