Axon Ask Me Anything Session Oct. 5th!

Dear community,

We are very happy to announce that the second Ask Me Anything session is now open for registration! It will be similar to the first session: a free informal technical discussion where you can share your questions, experience, and more. This session will take place on October 5th from 4-5:30 PM CEST.

Steven van Beelen, Lead Developer Axon Framework, and Milan Savić, Software Engineer for Axon Server, will be there to answer your questions.

Intrigued? Join us by registering here!


I am unfortunately not able to make it.

Will there be a recording on YouTube or Vimeo after?

Few questions:

  • I saw the SaaS offering of AxonIQ cloud:
    • What are the encryption options? Server side? Client side (bring your own key)?
    • Where is the SaaS offering deployed? Google cloud/Azure/AWS? Can we do some VPC peering if AWS?
    • Can you explain the free ‘developer’ tier?
    • Can you explain pricing?
    • How do backups work?
  • Can you provide more integration test examples? Using test containers if possible, running whole scenario tests, etc.
  • Is it likely for there to be Axon Server native docker images once Spring native becomes more stable? (I ask to make integration tests faster - currently Axon Server takes 7-10s to boot on my machine).

I will probably think of more and wish I posted them but that’s it for now…



Thank you for your questions. Let me try to answer them one by one.

  • The session was recorded and we will send you the link by email.

  • Regarding AxonIQ Cloud:

    • The data is encrypted at rest between servers and between the application and the servers. When you want to connect your application you need to create an application binding in AxonIQ Cloud. This will return a key that should be used on your application side to connect.
    • At the moment we offer GCP nodes only, but in the near future we will also provide nodes in AWS, Azure, and maybe more
    • A free developer context is a context that you can use for a sandbox application, the events will be deleted after 14 days.
    • About pricing: if you create a context, you can see the pricing in the second step (after selecting the region) When you select a context type, a box appears underneath with the pricing of that type.
    • If you want backups the only option right now is to create a multi-zone context where your data will be replicated to other nodes.
  • Regarding integration testing: you can create an AxonServer Testcontainer using a Docker image. This way you can do some scenario testing. We are trying to find time to create an AxonServer Testcontainer.

  • Regarding native docker images: we are aware of the possible benefits of doing this, but our priorities at the moment are multi-architecture images (ARM support for Raspberry Pie and Apple M1) and JDK 17. I’d suggest you keep an eye on our Discuss site for relevant announcements


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