Axon Application on multiple Kubernetes pods

Hi team,
We are working on the Axon Application without the Axon server.
Our application stores events in Kafka Topics as well as MongoDB.
We are using the Command Gateway instead of Command Bus for all this.

We need a suggestion from your team, can we deploy our application on multiple(5) Kubernetes clusters (without using an axon server)?

If so, can you guide us?
Thank you

I’m not sure we can guide you. Do you also want to run MongoDB and Apache Kafka on the same clusters? Or just the applications?

Since the applications are stateless it should not matter where they are run. Ideally they are close to MongoDB, Apache Kafka and possible other services using REST or other ways to communicate to keep latencies low.

Also we advise against using MongoDB as event store. You don’t necessarily need Axon Server for this, a rmdbs would be fine as long as the amount of events is not huge.

We are considering DocumentDB and MSK as eventstore and kafka respectively.
And our application is running on 1 kub pod.
Now, we want our application to run on multiple kub pod
(for scalability)
Can you give me a solution for it. or any dummy code for reference.

Thank you

I’m not sure what you are looking for.

Hi @Gerard
I want to make axon application scalable (horizontal scalable).
For the production, I want to run it on multiple pods, if any pod down then it may run on another available pods.

Can you guide on this?


I understand, but I’m not sure what specifically you need help with. As long as you configure the stateful bits the same, it should not matter where the application is run, and multiple of the same instance can run fine.