Axon adoption in production systems

I am evaluating Axon for use at my company and I was looking to get a little more information about Axon’s adoption, as well as the history of Axon’s development/activity.

Is there an “About” page somewhere that talks about the developers as well as testimonials from people using this in development? I can’t find anything like this on the main website.

I’d love to get the names of some big companies successfully using this in production. I’d also like some concrete information about the development. I have inferred there are really just two of you from Norway (?) working on this for a couple of years?


Hi William,

fortunately, there is many more implementations around. Unfortunately, some are bound to NDA’s or have a policy that they don’t expose the technologies they use. Here is a list of some of the companies I have been in contact with. Where allowed, I put the name of the company in there as well.

  • A large Dutch bank uses Axon for the pension calculations
  • A French Medical company uses Axon in software that tracks medical devices used for dental implants
  • A Swedish company uses Axon for a stock Trading Engine
  • Two on-line gaming websites use Axon ( and
  • A Dutch Medical company uses Axon in their SaaS platform to service some large Geriatric institutions.
  • A Top 50 world bank is using Axon in ‘some distributed applications’ (sorry for the vagueness, NDA :wink: )
  • E.Novation ( uses Axon in an application to manage care registration and declarations for the healthcare industry
  • Ripe NCC is using Axon as well, though I am not sure for which applications

If you want to get in touch with anyone for a testimonial/reference, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. I’m also going to put some pressure on the testimonials page (it’s being worked on, but not fast enough :wink: ).



You are so excellently fast with your replies, thank-you! This is very useful.

Could you speak to the development a bit? As I understand it there are just two of you, and have been working on the framework for roughly two years?

Hi William,

the development is mainly done by me. Fortunately, I do get a lot of help from a number of people around me. They know the ins and outs of Axon very well and are mainly helping on consultancy assignments.

I started development of Axon by accident, about 3 years ago. I was building a CQRS+ES based application, and noticed that a lot of the code had nothing to do with the business case. So I put the infrastructure in separate jars to finally extract them in a separate project. Axon was born… (although it had a different name then).

Meanwhile, Trifork is heavily backing Axon development. I am spending a large portion of my working week on Axon development. Besides that, they offer professional services, such as training, consultancy and support.

Hope that gives you a bit of insight. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to let me know.



Hello Allard,

I’m pluging in into this topic as I would be interested to get in touch with some development team using Axon framework. I’m seriously evaluating it for a project but I need some cases to convince my hierarchy :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


Hi Julien,

I am not sure all Axon users I know appreciate being approached for this purpose. I’ll get in touch with a few to see if they could help you. If they read this, they might come forward as well.

In the mean time, I am working on some case studies to publish on the website. In what timeframe would you need to do the convincing?

In which domain are you planning to use Axon? (e.g. banking, trading, gaming, medical)



PS. In the meantime, I am working with several customers that aim to use Axon for applications that produce over 100mln events per day.