Axon admin events rest api

Hi all,
Im trying to use an python client to fetch all events on axon ( for backup purpose ), I manage to fetch first 10K using v1/events api, but can’t fetch the next page, can someone please bring some light?
Actually I didin’t find detailed docs, so Im trying to follow what I see in the swagger doc.


Hi Andre,
To retrieve the next page you can add the parameter trackingToken to your request. This will start reading the events from a specific position in the event store.

If you do this like this, each request will wait when it has reached the 10K events until it has reached a timeout (which is set to an hour by default). To speed up this process you may want to set the timeout to a lower value for instance like this:


I hope you understand that this is not the normal way of creating backups, check the reference guide on how to create backups.

Hi Marc, thank you for your answer, yes, I understand that it’s not the standard approach, actually we are doing also snapshoting approach, but this one is useful because I can have events in pure text which makes my life easy when I need to migrate my server. Also useful because as we are runing. our axon cluster inside a kubernetes cluster ( also understand that its not the standard approach ), from time to time I face issues trying to restore my cluster using snapshots or binary backups, anyway, if you can recommend more detailed docs that is not actually available in axon public docs, I would be more than happy to read it and get better understanding of how to keep my data safe :slight_smile:

Kind regards