Axon 4 in AWS environment


I plan to use Axon in AWS environment. The architecture of the application is microservices based. Do you have some recommedations what AWS services to use for integration? (AWS MQ, Aurora)



Hello, I’m interested on this subject too.
Any updates according this subject?

Hi Pavel,
the obvious answer would be to use Axon Server, as that works out-of-the-box with Axon Framework based applications. There are currently no extensions distributed with the Framework that integrate with AWS-specific integration technologies. That said, given the extension available for AMQP, you could probably do something there, but there is a version mismatch in the current extension. Aurora could work given the JDBC stuff available, but nothing published yet to make it certain.


I try to have it running on Heroku. The first limitation I face is the lack of file system. It looks crazy to me that this compoent relies on file system to store its data. Not all cloud platform have file system.


Hi Detaille,

considering that AxonServer is, in part, a database, it’s not that crazy that it requires a file system.

Kind regards,

Allard Buijze

Hey Pavel

I would like to know what did you end up using?
Because I'm currently in the same situation.

How was the experience with an aws Aurora?

Thank you

Hello Marco,

finally we used AWS Lambda with JavaScript. For eventsourcing we use
For events storage we use DynamoDB and Elasticsearch for projections



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