Axon 4.9.2 + Spring Boot 3.2.1 + Java 17 Startup Error

Hi there,
I’m running a Spring Boot application (v3.2.1) with Java 17 and axon spring boot starter with version 4.9.2
I’m encountering the following error…… I really hope anyone who helps me solve this issue.

would you like to share the repo? btw your axon-framework version is 4.9.1 not 4.9.2
i try to do the same, but i don’t got that.

but usually when you don’t want to use axon server just make the pom like this. (excluding the axon.connector)


but event i’m not do that i don’t got that error .
here is the repo : GitHub - riomunas/coba-axonframework: try axon framework with this spec (axon 4.9.1, java 17 spring boot 3.2.1, without axon-server)

When you are in a Spring Boot environment, you can also use a application property for this:


Apart from that pointer, I agree with @Rio_B_Munas that it is curious the token_entry table isn’t automatically created for you.
Do you also have the Spring Data JPA autoconfiguration dependency in place?

You can check out my sample project as well if you like. It uses Spring Boot 3.1.4, the Spring Data JPA dependency aligned wi th said Spring Boot dependency, Axon Framework BOM 4.9.1, and JDK21.

Having the spring.jpa.hibernate.ddl-auto=update property in my settings does the trick to automatically generate the required Axon Framework tables there.

I hope any of the above helps!