Axon 4.0 Events upcasting

I use Axon 4 together with SpringBoot 2.0.5 and JPA.

I need to implement event upcasting. So I followed the guide
But it seems that it is obsolete. The constructor of JpaEventStorageEngine is protected so the builder should be used. The other issue is that if I register the upcaster this way then I got “rg.hibernate.hql.internal.ast.QuerySyntaxException: DomainEventEntry is not mapped” exception.
Any idea what is wrong?

Anyone from Axon team?

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Hi Pavel,

You’re correct that the information on the Reference Guide was obsolete.
It was one of the pointers which should be updated when we introduced Axon 4, as Axon 4 introduced the builder pattern for all the infrastructure components instead of using constructors.
I’ve just this morning adjusted the reference guide to reflect this, as you can now read here.

Note that if you encounter issues like this, you will receive a response a lot quicker if you’d actually file a bug report on the framework issue tracker or the reference guide issue tracker.
We monitor this user group, but it is a user group, thus everybody should be able to provide answers.
As such we check the group periodically, and not every hour.
Thus pushing the message requesting our back up is no guarantee you’ll be serviced quicker.


Steven van Beelen

Axon Framework Lead Developer


Hi Steven,

thank you for you reply. The original reason why I created the post was the fact that using this configuration for upcaster breaks the JPA event store.
To fix the issue I had to add this annotation to AxonConfiguration class:

@RegisterDefaultEntities(packages = {



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