Axon 4.0: Confused on how to configure an H2 Repository for Persistence

Using AXON for the first time.
Attempting to use Axon 4.0 without the server.
Kafka as the message broker.
First phase of the event store is in H2
Second phase using Postgres.

With my current configuration I can see events being propigated through kafka successfully.
I do not see any sort of persistence of the events within h2.
I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Please review the attached source files.

build.gradle (2.68 KB)

application.yml (793 Bytes)

SyncHostController.kt (1.42 KB)

SyncHost.kt (3.79 KB)

Commands.kt (527 Bytes)

Events.kt (992 Bytes)

AxonFrameworkConfiguration.kt (851 Bytes)

SyncHostConfiguration.kt (1.42 KB)

AuditEntry.kt (791 Bytes)

If you want to setup storage and messaging yourself, check out this post:!topic/axonframework/1FyjBUt_PU4 it describes how to run axon 4 without the axon-server.