Axon 4.0.3 +JPA + Aurora serverless Token entry table is blocked

HI Team,

We have issue from Consumer side where TEP is implemented.

Application Yml:
source: kafkaMessageSource
threadCount: 1
initialSegmentCount: 1
batchSize: 500

When we try to process the huge load kafka then i see that some the database connection opened and hanging there in sleep state, because this tracking table is locked and other Database threads can’t access the token entry table ( tracking token) .

i meant to say the connections are not released once it’s done with processing, so other thread not able to get access to the token entry table. is it a bug or do i need to change any configs?

The processor keeps a lock on the token entry table to prevent other threads from claiming it. That’s expected behavior. However, it shouldn’t lock the entire table.

Which DB do you use?

We are using AWS aurora serverless.

Sorry for the confusion. It’s not locking enter table. It locking only the row, but as it not closing next thread can’t get a hold on this row and not able to process the events from Kafka.

JFYI: We are using hikariCP and with jpa.

this issue happening only when we run the same axon consumer in multiple instances. Did anyone faced same issue? Is it config issue or bug in axon framework?