Axon 3.2 SagaTestFixture how to inject @Value into saga


We’re using axon 3.2 in combination with Springboot. I’m running an unit test for a saga with the SagaTestFixture. Now to set the @Autowired annotated attributes of the saga the fixture.registerResource method is used. This works fine.

Question is how do I set the @Value annotated attributes of the Saga?

The problem is that with the SagaTestFixture there is no way access the saga instance, so making the attribute public or adding a setter method won’t help.


private transient CorrelationRepository correlationRepository;

Hi Norbert,

The framework gives you the illusion that it uses Spring’s autowire magic to wire in beans, but it actually uses a ResourceInjector.

This is an Axon Framework interface, which has a SpringResourceInjector implementation in the axon-spring module. This specific impl pulls the right beans from the Application Context.

It would be nice if the framework had an ApplicationPropertySpringResourceInjector, but sadly enough that’s not the case atm.

If you’d like and you’ve got the time for that, a PR for such functionality would be much appreciated.

What you could do as a work around, is wrap your application properties in an @Configuration annotated Config class.

This will instantiate a Spring Bean, which you can wire in your Saga and through the SagaTestFixture.

Additionally, as it is a property you’d like to wire, I’d make your maxretries field transient as well.

I hope this helps you out Norbert!