Axon 3.0-M5 released

Hi all,

today, we have released the fifth milestone release for Axon 3.0. This release contains a number of fixes for some issues found in M4 as well as a few enhancements.
Just to name a few:

  • Fixed issue where wiring of Spring beans used in combination with @EnableAxonAutoConfiguration
  • Renamed the @EnableAxonAutoConfiguration annotation to @EnableAxon
  • Renamed GatewayProxyFactory to CommandGatewayFactory
  • CommandGatewayFactory now also supports CompletionStage and CompletableFuture as return values
  • Command creating an Aggregate return the actual Identifier object, instead of its String representation
  • Added support to use the TrackingToken as parameter in Event Handler methods

A large portion of the Reference Guide has also been updated. We have migrated the Reference Guide to Gitbook. You can find it on There is still some work to do though.

Another area where we have some work in progress is the Tracking Event Processing. The current solution doesn’t work in all databases. Issues have been identified while using Postgres, where the TrackingProcessor may incidentally skip an event. A fix for this issue is being implemented.

If you find any areas for improvement, please let us know, or send in a pull request on GitHub.

Happy coding!

The Axon Team