Axon 2.2

Hi Allard,

I have just tested Axon 2.2, because JacksonSerializer is a very interesting feature for me. I have few questions/remarks about this new version :

  • the link to download and documentation are always pointed to 2.1.2, does it mean that 2.2 version is not an official release yet (ready for production) ?
  • About JacksonSerializer, is there a way to have an alias option like XStreamSerializer, in order to hide the package name part of the event in the “payloadType” property ?
  • Do you have an easy way to convert domain events collection serialized by XStreamSerializer to a new events collection serialized by JacksonSerializer (maybe just two different beans with EventTemplate, and few lines of codes to read and write, but you have perhaps a better solution).
  • It seems that axon-core maven artiifact does not include jackson-databind dependency.



Axon 2.2 is just as production ready as any other version. I’ll check the links. Thanks for pointing it out.
The JacksonSerializer doesn’t have the same alias features xstream has. You can configure the serializer by providing your own ObjectMapper instance.
If you want to convert instances serialized with xstream to jackson, the only thing I can think of is to create a little too that reads from the event store and updates each entry. Alternatively, you can create another table where you store the new version of events.
The jackson dependencies are optional in axon-core. This means you have to add the dependency to your project if you want to use the jackson serializer.